Owner/Founder and Creative Director.
I design and create pebble rugs and wall hangings, complete works of art for your floors and walls.
All are lovingly handmade in the UK , my creations are individual and unique, they have character, they are quarky  and tactile and decorative, making them irrisistable to touch.
I work hard and am dedicated at what I do,
I design and create the finest handmade designer rugs , they are exceptional pieces of works of art, it requires a lot of time spent travelling and sourcing out luxurious fabrics to create beautiful and realistic pebbles that look and feel amazingly soft with the height of comfort.
My designs are my by-product from searching out and using a mixture of the finest quality fabrics to which I hand dye to gain effects and textures,  I  also work with designer knitwear samples from the clothing industry, as I love using natural and recycled fabrics giving them another life and purpose to transform them in to luxurious pebble rugs.
I make my creations completely by hand sewing them, no machinery is used, as I believe handmade is the best quality in a finished product.
I get all my inspirations from Nature, and find it important where I photoshoot my rugs, which is why I choose  natural elements.
I really love what I do, and am very passionate about my designs, and I trust it shows.
Thank you very much for visiting my website and taking the time to sift through my creations, please feel free to contact me with any questions.