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designer rugs.

​​   A Rug is a welcome addition to any room, it adds,  style, colour, comfort and warmth , it's a wonderful piece of adornment .

Welcome to the world of Rugazzled of high quality luxurious handmade rugs , designs that stand out, they are features to any room and they bring your decor to life, they are designer works of art that are inspired by nature, they bring art to your floor and walls and bring colour to your room, solving  your space issues by turning awkward spaces  into a place for you to enjoy .
I wanted to take preventative measures to protect the long lasting beauty of my rugs and to keep them preserved and  maintained, with minimal effort, whilst keeping it in great condition .
I carefully researched  and found that  Nano spray  works wonderful as  a way of achieving this.

•All designs are sprayed with Nano, a non toxic  innovative  protection  based on revolutionary Nano technology,
• when applied , forms a water proof barrier from dirt, making it easy to maintain.
• follow the  video link  and see for yourself just  how the wonderful world of Nano works .
• prepare to be amazed .
  Rugazzled can collaborate with you to produce something entirely unique to fit your tastes.
Lovingly handmade in the UK and based in London,

​​The wonderful magic of Nano protector.

  1. Magic Carpet.
    Magic Carpet.
  2. Pearl.
  3. Champagne Marilyn.
    Champagne Marilyn.